Retail & Civic

Retail Projects in Western Canada: Need it Built? We Can Help

If you’re looking to develop your property for commercial purposes, trust the experts in retail builds and strip mall construction. Medicine Hat is home to Advance Design & Construction Ltd., a team of professionals committed to fine-tuning your vision and expediting your success. We encourage you to check out our past work and get in touch with us to discuss the details of any impending construction.

Local Retail Projects

Whatever your business may be, we can help. From strip malls to convenience stores and fuel stations, we have helped businesses thrive by creating a functional space for operation.

Fox Safety

Design Challenge

  • Accommodate a number of property elevation demands to satisfy parking, shipping, access, and drainage issues
  • Include a clean and modern appearance using cost-effective materials and pleasing line balance


Design Challenge

  • We were successful with our bid proposal for the R.M. of White Valley EMS facility’s public tender call. However, since the tendered project cost was beyond the budget target, the RM asked if Advance Design & Construction Ltd. could perform an overall project redesign.
  • Critical for the R.M. of White Valley was to retain the building proportions as well as all planned service functionality of fire and EMS services for the area. Of additional complexity, it was discovered a deep layer of river silt existed on site, requiring special redesign of the foundation. 
  • Working closely with R.M. officials and council, we adjusted materials, process, and key features to satisfy the community’s critical emergency service necessities while bringing the project budget to target. 
  • The completed project is a testament to the successful result of the combined effort of the R.M. of White Valley and Advance Design & Construction Ltd.

Westside Common

Design Challenge

  • Provide a large building that would accommodate a wide variance in tenant uses, from professional, to retail, to restaurant and fitness
  • An original and modern appearance suitable to the area

Windsor Plywood

Design Challenge

  • The 15,000 sq. ft. building placement on a sloping lot created a landscape safety challenge for automobiles and foot traffic.
  • Water and ice issues were solved by splitting the foundation and slab elevations apart from each other to mitigate dangerous slopes.
  • Parking and large truck traffic required careful access consideration for the size and shape of the property.


Design Flooring Centre

Civic Construction Projects

Helping create and inspire communities is some of our most rewarding work. We partner with our clients to develop properties that truly inspire. We have experience working with churches, sports and community halls, arenas, fire stations, and more.

  • Auto-Star
  • Windsor Plywood
  • Box Springs Business Park
  • Starks Plumbing, Heating, Electrical
  • Hopewell
  • Harley-Davidson
  • Mattress Mattress
  • The Cheesecake Café
  • Medicine Hat Mall
  • Big Country Energy Services
  • Varsteel
  • Finning Cat
  • Bartle & Gibson