Looking to Build or Renovate a Restaurant? Let Us Develop Your Ideal Eatery

Are you looking to open a restaurant in your community that will become a mainstay for hungry patrons? Are you responsible for the construction of a popular franchise in Medicine Hat or anywhere else in Western Canada? Your success in the restaurant industry can be a long and hard-fought process; as such you need to ensure your location is perfect in every way right from the start. Whether you’re a franchise or an independent, the experienced team at Advance Design & Construction Ltd. can help nurture your project from the ground up. Get in touch with us to discuss the details of your construction in person.

Fast Food Outlets

For new and existing franchise owners, we specialize in fast food outlet renovation and construction. Create a welcoming space that adheres to the franchise’s branding with help from our team.

Skinny’s Smoke House

Size is 6,000 SQ.FT.

Design Challenges:

Design a building and floor plan in the style of the old “Smoke House Restaurants” found in the State of Texas, however bring it to the public with a modern look using fresh material. We also wanted the design to be flexible enough to appeal to the modern entertainment demands of the clientele, as well as being a viable and comfortable family experience. Particular attention was paid to the front entry, lobby and washroom locations, with a view to provide maximum space and traffic accessibility to each.


THE Cheesecake CAFÉ

Family and Fine Dining

Create a space worthy of 5-star reviews. We work one-on-one with our clients to find a design that reflects the style and taste of your restaurant. Inquire today.

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