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Advance Design & Construction Ltd. is always committed to providing a quality service and product that starts from concept, to completion and beyond, while maintaining the company’s core values. That’s how we became one of the most trusted commercial contractors in Medicine Hat and Western Canada.

We understand that providing the best service means we need to listen and deliver a design and product that meets your need and vision of the project. Open communications along with honesty and integrity ensures we all understand constraints and demands of your project. What would you like to know? Contact us today to get the discussion started.



Just want to take a moment to say thanks for all the hard work that has gone into making our dream a reality. In 2016 myself, Jeff Brewster and Todd Lindsay walked into Advance Design with nothing more than an idea. We were greeted with open arms and walked through the process of turning this idea into reality. All we knew at the time was we wanted to take the idea of a Texas BBQ Hall from Texas and bring it to Medicine Hat. Jeff Sohn sat with us twice a week for the first little while getting all of our ideas down. Pretty soon a building started to appear on paper, we liked what we saw and just kept adding and taking away from it, until we got the finished project that you see today located at 2771 Box Springs Boulevard NW, in Medicine Hat AB. Nothing worthwhile is easy, but Jeff's team made the process a lot more direct. From concept through construction, we were able to get into our place in a timely manner, serving BBQ in late March of 2018. If you have a dream of building a new build or adding onto an existing one, Advance Design can help.

JAMES LEROY & JESSE GORDON |Reeve and Mayor of R.M. of White Valley No. 49 and the Town of Eastend

The Council and staff of the Rural Municipality of White Valley No. 49 and the Town of Eastend would like to recommend the services of Advance Design & Construction Ltd.

The Council of the RM of White Valley No. 49 began planning the construction of a new Emergency Response Centre in 2010, calling for tenders in February, 2013. Meetings continued through 2014 and on April 30, 2015 the RM of White Valley No. 49 signed a Contract with Mr. Clarence Briggs, Owner, Estimator and Project Designer of Advance Design & Construction Ltd.

The Southwest Emergency Response Centre is a 52’ x 124’ Post-Disaster Emergency Services building, with four Fire Department bays, one dedicated Ambulance bay, and a Conference Room to accommodate training and meetings. The construction of this Response Centre was not without delays , caused by inclement weather conditions, the timing of trades people, and the process of working through the needs of the community to ensure this new facility would meet the requirements of future generations.

Mr. Briggs and his colleagues and staff were always most accommodating and sincerely determined to make this building “One that we will All be very proud of!”

Our community’s Dream has come True! Our Sincere Thank You to Mr. Clarence Briggs and Advance Design & Construction Ltd.!

ROBERT SYMMONDS | President & CEO at Auto-Star Compusystems Inc.

Our experiences with Jeff and the rest of the Advance Design team exceeded all of our expectations.
From the outset of the project through to the final construction and post follow up, Jeff and his colleagues were more than just a general contractor; they were a partner in the process. Jeff’s responsiveness to our needs including budgetary, unique characteristics, implementation challenges, and design changes were all handled with care, attention, and detail. The result was an extraordinary, efficient, and award winning building.

I would highly recommend Advance Design & Construction for any commercial projects you may be contemplating. I would also be very happy to talk with anyone who is considering Advance Design and would like more insight into our project.

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