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From Concept to Completion

Hiring Journeyman Carpenters


Advance Design & Construction Ltd. is hiring Carpenters for work in the Medicine Hat area and beyond, to be involved with a variety of builds and projects. Working within a core certified system program, you can expect to build, erect and renovate buildings made from all types of building systems, serving a wide range of industries.



  • Permanent Full Time to begin on availability
  • Monday to Friday\Saturday - 40 to 44 hours per week
  • Overtime when available/ required

Essential Duties and Abilities

  1. Work under the direction of a certified safety program, adhering to Advance Design & Construction Ltd. policies and procedures
  2. Manage and maintain a safe and organized work area
  3. Read and interpret blueprints and project specifications, able to identify job planning sequences and work procedures
  4. Able to work unsupervised when required
  5. Be open and involved to continuing education and skills development
  6. Ability to work within various environments and weather/temperature conditions
  7. Willing to work with others and sub-trades in a team environment

    General Experience
  8. Working with concrete forms, scaffolding, ramps, catwalks, barricades required at construction sites
  9. Various processes in forming and flat work concrete
  10. Wood framing and sheathing systems, exterior trims
  11. Installation of interior/exterior doors and hardware, windows, flooring, wall coverings, washroom accessories and architectural materials
  12. Additional duties as required

    A. Physically Capable Journeyman with certificate, or comparable experience
    B. English language proficiency
    C. Please list any additional training and qualifications
    D. Experience working in commercial construction is an asset
    E. Your own transportation to the office is an asset

At Advance Design & Construction Ltd., we recognize life is more than a job, it's Our Future!

  • Career advancement and education opportunities
  • Competitive salary and vacation opportunities
  • Group health and dental plan and disability protection
  • Individual assistance and needs considerations
  • Recognition, annual salary reviews and future opportunities
  • Gain a wide base, industry experience

Please send resume to:

Advance Design & Construction Ltd

23 Southwest Drive SW

Medicine Hat, Alberta TlA 8E7


403-580-5054 Office

Apply now and begin a new career opportunity!

All qualified applicants will be considered for employment based solely on their ability to work effectively, dependably, and responsibly. No application payments or fees of any kind are required or accepted for any reason by any representative of Advance Design & Construction Ltd. from any applicant at any time.

Personal information from any individual prior to their acceptance of a formal offer of employment is not required or accepted. Please report suspicious or fraudulent activity to the proper authorities.


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