Commercial Construction Based in Medicine Hat

At Advance Design & Construction Ltd. in Medicine Hat, our primary focus is exceeding our customers’ expectations. In order to ensure that each client’s unique circumstances and construction needs are taken into account, we utilize the Design-Build process to achieve the best blend of design, material, and service.

Initial Steps

Once you have decided you would like more information about your potential project, a phone call or visit to our office will get you started on the path to detailed questions and answers. A discussion with our project estimators, Jeff and/or Clarence, will provide sufficient detail for us to understand what you are considering. We are then able to provide appropriate detail on any or all of the following items:

Step One – Initial Review

  • Identify preliminary work scope

  • Expected overall timing and delivery

  • Budget options and expectations

Armed with the results of the step one meeting, you will now have appropriate information to consider and determine project viability for you and your company. Clients who move forward into step two will see the development of concept and budget into a solid strategy.

Step Two – Confirmation Details

  • Layout, design, material scope

  • Relevant building codes

  • Verification of work scope and confirm project costs

By this time, you will have recognized the high level of influence and control you have had on planning your future development. Advancing to step three involves solidifying an accurate project start.

Step Three – Project Preparation & Start

  • Agreement

  • Insurance and liability protection, and safety program

  • Construction drawings and engineering

  • The permit process

  • Construction start

Step Four – Project Completion

  • Project completion

  • Answer any final questions or concerns

  • Final walk-through with client

Benefits of using the Design-Build process for your project include:

  • Increased efficiency by circumventing multiple steps and processes allow clients to exercise a superior amount of control, flexibility, and understanding that drives their project to achieve optimal results

  • Streamlined communication through a single point of contact

  • Design parameters and budgetary goals are developed simultaneously, permitting for the rapid exchange of ideas and owner stated priorities

  • A cost-effective design budget is established early in the process

  • Accountability is transferred entirely to Advance Design & Construction Ltd. to resolve issues and misunderstandings, which frees up the time of the owner

  • Using Design-Build means the project runs rapidly and efficiently. A faster delivery results in a faster return on investment, and that’s money in the bank